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ACG GI CircleACG Hepatitis Circle and the ACG & CCFA IBD Circle are online professional networking communities specifically designed to meet the clinical, professional and practice management needs of the ACG members. These safe, private and secure communities provide ACG members with an easily accessible platform to collaborate with colleagues on a range of topics and issues related to the GI profession, reach leading medical experts across the spectrum of gastroenterology, and access a range of ACG tools and resources.

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Connect and Collaborate within GI

On the ACG GI Circle you can:

  • Engage with experts on clinical challenges and the latest science in an open dialogue.
  • Share your experiences and keep pace with emerging trends.
  • Connect with colleagues and find friends to discuss new research and clinical updates presented at ACG meetings or top-of-mind issues like health care policy and practice management.
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Developing and Empowering
Viral Knowledge


On the ACG Hepatitis Circle you can:

  • Access the tools, information and expertise you need to manage your patients.
  • Reach an expert panel of moderators to address your questions, share clinical insights.
  • Keep pace with the latest hepatitis news, research, treatment protocols, guidelines and more.


The American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), in partnership with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), is proud to offer the ACG & CCFA IBD Circle.

ACG & CCFA IBD Circle Offers You:

  • Easy access to tools, information and expertise you need to manage your patients
  • An expert panel of moderators to answer your questions and share clinical insight
  • The latest IBD news, research, treatment protocols, guidelines and more
To join the discussion in any of these communities, register with the GI Circle.
You must be registered on the GI Circle site before you can access the discussion areas of the GI Circle, the Hepatitis Circle and the IBD Circle. Previously, all ACG members received an invitation to register on the ACG GI Circle. If you’ve lost your invitation and need a new invitation sent, click here.