ACG Colorectal Cancer Awareness Infographics

ACG has developed two powerful and informative infographics, which are visual representations of data and information to help in your colorectal cancer awareness efforts. The College encourages you to print and share these with your patients, on your website, in your office and via social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Why Take Chances Infographic

Why Take Chances? is a graphic that illustrates in a powerful, easy to understand way, the risks of colorectal cancer and the impact of getting screened. It has a gamble/gaming theme that suggests the high stakes of not getting screened for colorectal cancer and reminds consumers to not a�?take a gamblea�? on their health.



How the Other Half Lives Infographic

How the Other Half Lives features a statistic with photo about mortality reduction from CRC screening. This concept was built on an important statistic from the American Cancer Society: Of the 50,830 people expected to die of colon cancer in 2013, screening (or use of early detection tests) could have saved more than half of them.